My friends my friends then I’ll tell you the most expensive and exclusive things in the world but what do you think take everything is
He had to the heights certainly in the world of glamor and the first class nothing is little details become primordial
Returning to the experience of traveling from place to place in something unique is just as I present it, luxury in
Sky the most exclusive first class airlines are american airlines united airlines in this airline details are the main designed to improve the travel experience
Doing it in a boeing 777 airplane the

Customer is first to box the first rotating seats in its first class section which favors the interaction between its passengers much easier in addition the seats on board the american have foldable arms and are achieved in that the inar totally
Becoming a 6ft flat bed at dusk offer you a premium duvet and special headphones to avoid the conversations of the other passengers also have headrest sockets that fit in six positions and in case you slip out little
A case with products

Personal more expensive to sleep earplugs socks and +5 singapore suites airline singapore this exclusive experience can be enjoyed for only 3 thousand 324 dollars and is that the airline singapore airlines offers suites aboard the 380
The stateroom has a comfortable armchair hand-stitched by Italian artisans in addition each individual compartment has sliding doors and blinds for greater privacy where there is a bed not to a reclining seat a bed with silk sheets
And goose down feather pillows lastly to close the experience its users can savor an exclusive menu and wines from their special cava like champagne served in fine glassware 4 catai pacific cyrus clash or ex line

Aerial of hong kong china the award-winning first-class offers users traveling from hong kong to men two-meter beds long by centimeters wide oca feather cushions private wardrobe more widescreen lcd touch screens is 43 centimeters offering a selection of More than 100 films 500 television programs and 22 radio channels in
Ten languages ​​and a gastronomy worthy of

Any discerning palate as they joined the hotel mandarin oriental so they carry a five star restaurant in the air serving dishes such as foie gras truffles poio carde accompanied by crab and caddy are so exclusive that there are only six to nine seats of first class By air 3 emirates airways duval airline dubai airline has been at the forefront in the luxuries during the long flight its flights made on its airbus aircraft to 380 to 340 500 and on most boeing 777 aircraft in Its first class section boast personal minibar adjustable lighting private dresser
Mirrors and cloakroom in addition the passengers can take advantage of a treatment of 25 minutes in the shower is for there is also courtesy service where the cabin crew converts the seat in a bed with a real mattress and of course they have food that has been awarded focusing on Regional menus like Iranian caviar or lobster sausage all qantas australian airline qantas.

Offers fully reclining seats everywhere so when it comes time to dornier the
Cabin crew arms as a bed with a sheepskin mattress the seats also feature a series of massage features the first class capsules are also spacious and occupy the space of almost four seats of economy class there are also screens of Privacy to give passengers the feeling of isolation they so badly need, but the real attraction is the
Food in an attempt to make it into a restaurant type during the flight qantas has partnered with the Australian chef and personality
Television or the dog to design the menu the diners can order to
The menu or enjoy a tasting menu of 8 dishes the wine program that has been awarded offers a rotation of harvests chosen by the world champion of sommeliers marcus del moneo 1 tijas

Airways arab emirates airline a first class round trip ticket from new york to abu dhabi costs around 16 thousand dollars and for this price we can get a suite of three rooms with all the staff an employee for a private check-in a
Butler approached an Italian leather sofa two dining tables and a personal chef for the traveler to ask for what
Want the teas are recruited from the best restaurants in the world to prepare the best quality food with the
More exclusive products and now that you know all this luxury and comfort what you thought to me the mere fact of traveling to know another part of the world I am


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