hey guys good morning I was reading  comments on my video from last Thursday and a bunch of guys were asking me to do
another vlog we are going on a road trip to go to San Diego just blonde for you guys our trip and I thought I would show you guys kind of like my travel morning routine how I’m getting ready a lot of the things that I’m liking right now and
kind of just show you a bunch of different stuff all put together in one vlog a lot of you guys are asking my last video where this sweatshirt and sweat suit was from and this is actually by the brand outdoor voices I think I got this sweatshirt in soap and set a
year ago it’s basically just a girl fit usually my travel morning routine actually starts the day before because I
actually packed my suitcase I lay out my outfit tonight before oh hi hi I’m like  don’t typically shower in the morning because I prefer to shower at night so what I do when I wake up is I wash my


face so I’m going to go do that and then i’ma go downstairs and make some breakfast actually the first thing I’ll do is go downstairs and make myself some iced coffee I’ll just pour a coffee with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a little bit of caramel and then I will dry shampoo my hair I personally love using powder dry shampoos I think they last longer than the spray bottle so then I’ll just brush that through my hair and then I will wash my face and I have dry skin naturally and I travel
quite frequently which really reef Abuk on my skin so I’m really looking to hydrate my skin especially with my wedding coming up I’ve been using a three-step regimen by Neutrogena and the first is the hydro boost hydrating

cleansing gel and this is just a water activated gel that washes away impurities and makeup it keeps hydration
in and then second I use the hydro boost hydrating serum and it’s just again Qantas skin combats dryness and it gives you kind of that slaw last Chloe look so  take a break after washing and moisturizing before my makeup to eat breakfast and I am making oatmeal this morning this is my favorite oatmeal to me bowl nut and I actually like to mix the peanut butter into my oatmeal for a very filling breakfast especially when you’re traveling oh my gosh the breakfast I just showed you guys is seriously so delicious I keep like I’ve never thought about mixing peanut butter in my oatmeal before it’s so freakin good you have to try it let me know if you try it so after breakfast is when I will do my makeup and I wanted to show you guys this step because so many of you in my last video we’re asking me what did I
do for my makeup so I’m using a Neutrogena hydraboost hydrating tint and this is the third part in their three-step system and it’s actually better for your skin than not wearing makeup because it has hyaluronic acid in it what your skin naturally has but
loses over time and that’s what keeps your skin looking hydrated so that’s what gives you that glowy look I thought
I would show you my outfit before we head out because this is so different for me normally I’m always right athleisure
when I’m traveling but because we’re just driving and it’s only a couple hours away I can actually wear real

people clothes and get kind of ready because right when we get there we’re going to go start doing stuff I don’t know if its brand name up at the top of my hands with this dress but I will write it on the screen with a sign it’s not something I’m super familiar with and it’s actually not even a dress it is a romper and shorts under it which is why I’m wearing it with a car rid lace-up shoes from Steve Maddens which

I’ve been loving these for summer it’s a little bit lighter than the black one here’s the glasses on I actually don’t
remember the name of this brand either for the sunglasses see them on here h they’re perverse okay
like really good coffee and wanted to teach me to try and actually you and clearly really cute and you know make sure account hang Network Center with you so I ordered a uncapped maple latte I’ve never heard of that before but I figured should try something new but he got can you see he just got a hot macchiato as Sean over would day giddy up it kind of reminds me of a Spanish law a little bit yeah literally thought that Yuri wasn’t on camera so the little horse like galloping very dark very windy and very

overcast I pack all grew up each vacation and the only thing that was semi warm that I’ve have my life dark road yeah me should I yeah are you so excited to be getting dinner with me so lucky the lucky a sounds like he’s being sarcastic but we know I look good for a turn the camera off hoodie was like actually I’m really cold – I think I’m gonna run back and really get my sweater
in his sweater literally looks exactly like this it’s like a gray long sleep lady that looks the same we’re gonna look like we’re part of a dance crew and also might make us look like we’re brother and sister and wearing the same outfits like we’re twins I don’t know a story we’re going to go tonight we could be twins we can be dancers there’s just so many things we could do with this literally twinsies Cody is right by the seal it’s like me and you babe hi Sophia will have another


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