How I Afford To Travel All The Time

packing up all my stuff that I’m bringing just in this backpack like I’m not even breathing carry on this tim like no clothes I have clothes in LA because Leo peed on my carry-on so I can’t I don’t know how to clean it yet hi you want me to shut you in nope sorry
I’m at the airport it feels so weird to like when we have a backpack in not a carry-on you’ve got a window seat I hate when
 airlines try and get you to do every little add-on like no I don’t need $40 for priority I got here two hours early I think I’m oka
I just ate it choice which i think is so funny because growing up I always watched the office and they would almost
go to Chili’s Mumma be the big baby baby be back I want my baby back baby back consumers thought it would be the
funniest thing to go and I’ve never be even though it’s not like a full restaurant also I have a friend named
Brandon that worked at a choice me absolutely hated it and told me to never go there but I went anyways Oh Brandon this vlog is dedicated to you probably would never go again I only went because it is the closest thing in this terminal
it’s right there one of my most commented comments is how do i afford to travel so much and how do i travel so much like how does that even  happen so yesterday i filmed a little bit
trying to answer this question come o it’s good low priced fly let’s go let’s go alright that’s a decent um so one of my most asked questions is how do i afford to travel so much how do i travel so much in general just like how just
travel and how I wrapped my memory of places that I’ve been since the start of  January and since January I have
gone from Seattle to LA to Hawaii to LA  to Vegas to LA to Hawaii to LA to Texas
to LA to Seattle mr cilenti’s and now I’m about to go back to LA so that’s like 31 flights that I’ve been on this
year so I’m at the airport like three times a month going somewhere new sometimes I’m booking flights the day before like I
literally just did and I know a lot of you guys want to know how I do that how I’ve gotten to that point the tw  biggest factors are my life seems really cool and honestly it is I really love my life like I’m not gonna say that I don’t like my life like that’d be stupid and
depressing you know a lot of you are younger and you’re watching this and you
want my life of like I’m always at th airport going somewhere in your city  you’re watching my videos and maybe you’re only 14 or 15 and you’ve been on an airplane once or twice in your life just know I used to be that 14 or 15 year old – that used to only be on a
flight like once or twice in my life and a big part of traveling and all of this is the reality is you’re just not old
enough to get these opportunities yet and I know that’s frustrating but I went through it as well so this year as a 21
year old I’ve gone to like 30 different
places so I went back and I looked through when I was 20 years old how many places I went to I went on twelve flights which is less than half of what I’ve gone on this year and I was younger it makes sense so when I was 19 I only went on five flight which is less than half of the year before that as you can
see as I’ve gotten older I’ve traveled more also this is the first time I’ve ever used math in a real life situation
 a graph to show you guys and it was totally unnecessary but I did it because yeah okay you get it though I’ve gone on
a lot of flights this year compared to last year now I can get off this hard
ground and that’s just how it goes and that’s how it’s gonna go for you – unless you win the lottery but if you’re
not 18 you can’t even you can’t even get a lottery ticket and you also can’t even  check into a hotel or rent a rental car so it kind of makes sense like if you’re under 18 and you want to travel where are you gonna sleep or go you kind of
 just can’t yet alright so now I’m gonna answer the question of how I afford to travel so much my situation is a little
different because I would say half theflight I don’t even pay for companies pay for
to take me places depending on your kind b your problem we get flown places too that happens but
as you guys know I go from Seattle to LA all the time but the thing with that is it’s actually not that expensive to go
from Seattle to LAX lax is such a big Airport flights are so cheap going through there if you booked in advance
there are flights from Seattle to LA one way it’s $35 so when I commute once every two weeks from Seattle to LA next month I’m gonna book my flights in advance and it’s gonna cost me $200 total $200 like you could go to the mall
and spend $200 on shoes so easily and that’s another big thing is I I don’t really spend money on material things as much because really at the end of the day I’d rather be staring out of an airplane window instead of a store front looking at mannequins of things to buy  said when you said that you never you use before I just landed in that way my flight was bad and good usually it’s
very easy but it was delayed for two
hours which you know I’m not going to complain that much it’s not the worst thing in the world but it was a little
bit frustrating because I booked my flight on American Airlines and Shelby gave me a bunch of grief for it she was
like don’t do that it’s going to get delayed they’re the worst and I was like it’s not going to get delayed I’m going to be fine yeah I know it got delayed going to Buffalo Wild Wings because Mackenzie’s here and she told me to meet her here how are you guys I played my robot I just gotta acknowledge it no if you don’t know this song now you know this
 row back I just got a halogen if you don’t know this song now you know this

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