so you don’t know what you doing and th walls are closing in just remember where we go hey everyone its Brittany welcome
back to my channel today’s video is another travel video and I personally love making travel videos because it gets me really excited for the spring and summer which is when I usually travel so I’m going to show you guys my travel morning routine and I don’t think I’ve ever done a morning routine like  this so I hope these guys enjoy it also most of you guys probably know that I am
a Schick ambassador and I will be working with them again in this video but Schick Quattro U has partnered with Wattpad and Wattpad is a free app where
you can read free stories and books anywhere you go and I totally inspire me to do another  travel video because every time I travel
I need a lot of entertainment because I get bored very easily if you guys are traveling soon and you want some stories
to read while you’re traveling quadrille you have some stories already published to their channel on the Wattpad app their channel has four stories currently and I will list them on the screen here as well as the description box below along with the link to the actual app if you want to check them out I recently
read the secret to summer by Jordan on the clock review channel on the Wattpad  app and it is really cute and it made me wish that I had gone to summer camp or at least worked at a summer camp like the girls do in this story but it definitely inspired me to want to take a trip with all of my girlfriends and just have a really good time so that’s why I wanted to do a travel routine video you
can download the Wattpad app on al major mobile platforms which is great
 because then you can have it on any tablet or smartphone and your laptop – so yeah if you guys are interested in
 seeing my travel morning routine then just keep watching the first thing that do when I wake up on mornings that I  will be traveling somewhere is of course
get very excited that I will soon be somewhere likely warm and tropical or at least hopefully and then I’ll go on my phone and I will make sure that I’m lik checked in online and I’ll also text any friends if you need to meet at a certain so then I head on into the bathroom and  will brush my teeth and do everything else that I need to do to get ready to leave but I will pack my toothbrush
after I brush my teeth because obviously I will leave it out for the morning and then I will put on a little bit of
makeup sometimes if I put on any at all it will be a little bit of concealer underneath my eyes just to make me look
a little bit more a wig because usually I take really early flights and then I will put in a little bit of brow ge
just to make sure that my brow stay in place the whole time next I will move on to hair and today I decided to do a ponytail it’s very
simple and comfortable but sometimes I’ll do like a really high bun if I need to and that’s basically it I don’t spend
 too much time in my hair when I travel I always have last-minute things that I need to pack so it could be a sweater
 that I was wearing the night before or something or razors if I was using them
but I really love to bring packs of disposable razors so these Schick Quattro you disposable razors are
perfect because they come in a pack of four so if I’m traveling with my friends I like to bring extra ones in case somebody might have forgotten a razor at home and it gives a really really close and comfortable shave that is long-lasting so you can skip a day or
two if you want to next I’ll move on to making sure all of these super important items are my carry-on like of course my  passport or any boarding passes if I have them and I’ll also take this time to make sure all of my entertainment is in order so I will look through all of  the stories that are on these Schick Quattro you channel on the Wattpad app and I’ll make sure that they’re added to
  my library so that I can read them when
I don’t have Wi-Fi like if I’m on an
airplane or in a really long road trip and then I will go ahead and pack all of my entertainment and other important things into my carry-on and another
thing I wanted to let you know is that I don’t usually eat breakfast at home on the days that I travel because I will usually just eat at the airport so I’ll
go ahead and move right on to picking out an outfit and I always have to be comfortable every time that I fly and it usually is just a pair of like really
comfy pants a t-shirt and then maybe a jacket in case I get cold on the plane or if I’m getting off and it’s a little bit chilly it’s always a good idea to
have things that you can layer on like it’s in jacket and if you don’t need it you can always just easily tie it aroun your waist and I also like to have a
pair sunglasses with me in case it’s very sunny when I get off of the plane so that’s it for today’s video I hope that you guys liked it if you did please give
it a thumbs up and also check out the Wattpad app and the Quatro new channel to read some really cute stories and I hope you guys are having an amazing day
and I will see you guys in my next video

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