Of the airstrip where the minimum error costs a fortune I am seeing nothing of falling asleep in the international airport of dubai is a neuralgic cntro of the planet and pretends to remain it ready to take off but the perception of a space is not finished and should be each Time there are more planes in operation we can open a motor 3 more situations to do frent as living snakes moses traffickers who give speed this is heroin and more engineering projects to perform on time who every day 24 hours 90,000 legs of Everyone work to get this is the best airport dubai airport two already have the tallest building in the world and now compete for having the world’s largest airport in dubai are not willing to let their rivals take the lead and That means they are not afraid to face new challenges and few challenges overcome by stopping the larger airliner Of the world that faces its first complete revision this is delta to the first herbusa 380 emirates since its arrival in 2008 has transported 1.2 million passengers and has traveled more than 19 million kilometers the distance equivalent to go and return to The moon is dead.

Now it was a review that lasts 55 days known in the world as the review 3t has calculated the hours needed to perform this review and the result has been about 44 mind what we are talking about about 100 people a day working On the plane the engineer alex matthews and his team want the plane to be in the air as soon as possible without forgetting that safety is the first thing during that project we are going to do many checks that have not been done before we are going to take out the engines we are going Dismantling the cabin altogether, we are only going to leave the stairs in front of back in their place will examine about 482 kilometers of cabin and will thoroughly clean the fuel tanks with capacity for 3 110 thousand 404 liter located in the rooms in total will replace 6,100 pieces
A man would only have to work 22 years to complete the revision 3p and the oldest of the fleet next week turns six years and we just received the number 5 from the first to the number 50 you can say that this is great-grandfather what I go like it is the first time we do this we have to go with feet of lead doswell dim and lead a team of engineers.

Today we are going to disassemble the dome ra from the nose of the plane the radon is the antenna cover that is located in the nose of the
Plane and protects the telecommunications system is the first time we do something like this is my first time is your pimera time we are going to hook a sling to be able to remove the earth with a little luck we will have no problem we are looking for cracks by
Minimums that are in the structure the plane works constantly throughout the day and obviously the impact by stress can cause tiny diets in the smallest screw and that a screw has a tiny crack can end up being catastrophic well I think we are ready to take them out and Ok let’s go there when you drive teams as big and expensive as this you have a lot of pressure
Min rousseff plans to put a harness specially designed for this job to smoke $ 150,000.

Once separated from the fuselage will be lowered to the ground local bay is all controlled guys yes we go there with care I’m worth taking charge of the load this light structured of composites sol pa 73 ilos wait wait wait wait be the care the front valencia the The slightest blow would cause irreparable damage once it is separated from the structure we do not know what is going to happen
Turn could fall could be up we are out wait wait wait let me upload moment around here around here I do not want to do kahlo please I’ll bring you here it’s worth waiting it’ll take someone else to go someone down there I guess I’m picky but I’m just
I like to do my job well when I give him orders, they know that I do it for something that nobody does anything until I say it
One moment a moment expected the other two came here please if you prepared for the linga counter is overcoming guys as soon as you have it under agreement he regretted that moment everything is going well obviously this is the most delicate part while this way I do not want to leave it hanging A lot of time is a very expensive piece so let’s put it on the ground when we are doing well before.

Ros has avoided a disaster that would come out very expensive, but even in these high-tech facilities
Things do not always go out as they have planned a wrench has fallen someone has dropped a key inside and we are going to have to fish or the slightest blow could damage of the rolled very remediable mind is done every day that the plane is Ground costs the airline more than

The world’s largest airline is born after a merger between American Airlines and Us Airways


Was born the largest airline in the world after it became official a merger agreement between the American airlines and juve
Is the new company will operate in nine central airports will have a fleet of 950 aircraft will have 6,700 flights a day and transport to a total of 187 million passengers the airline industry in the last ten years has suffered from severe crises
The rising price of fuel and the strong demands for the birth of low-cost airlines

This has led large companies to have to use an unconventional mechanism until about 20 years ago
The functions as well today the managers of the most important airlines of the United States started one of the largest alliances in the world we are proud to launch the new american airlines the first global airline perfectly prepared for
Compete and win against the best in the world with this union the new airline that will operate under the name of american
Airlines aims to get annual benefits of around 40 billion dollars and a savings by 2015 of more than 1 billion thanks to this type of partnership.

Although analysts believe that with this unification the rates could increase considering that the values ​​of tickets have increased 11 percent of 2009 the new American airlines will have to present prices of competitive flights
If you do not want to be forgotten quickly and get millionaire losses as it has happened to other airlines in the world

American airlines airline safety

hello everyone thank you for your attention it’s time to get you ready for takeoff we know you have lots of choices so thanks for choosing American we’re happy to be your airline now if you’ll just follow along with me we’ll be on our way welcome aboard before we depart here are
some important safety instructions first things first let’s buckle those belt insert the metal end into the buckle and pull the strap to tighten to open simply lift on the top of the buckle and remember seatbelts should be fastened whenever you’re seated just in case of unexpected turbulence to get us on our way make sure your seat is up all electronic devices are put away and your trade table is stowed if you have a

carry-on push it all the way under the seat in front of you if it won’t fit place it in the overhead bin if you have a handheld device please switch it to airplane mode now you’ll find our full electronic device policy in the back of your American Way US law prohibits smoking including electronic cigarettes at any time tampering with disabling or destroying smoke detectors in the laboratories may result in a fine u.s. law requires all to comply with lighted and posted signs and crew member instructions now let’s review the safety card please pay close attention and before you know

it we’ll be off all exits on this airplane are clearly marked take a moment to locate the nearest one keep in mind it may be behind you all exits have evacuation slides to use in an emergency when directed to exit jump onto the slide and move away from the airplane some slides may also be used as a wrap except those over the wings you’ll find the exact location on your safety card this aircraft is designed with escape
lighting on or near the floor a sign will indicate you have reached your exit in the event of an evacuation escape path lighting will appear follow the lights until you’ve reached your exit leave all carry-ons behind just head quickly and safely to the nearest exit and don’t forget it may be behind you

now if the airplane loses pressure oxygen masks will drop automatically while remaining seated with your seatbelt fastened pull down on the mask to extend the tubing the yellow cup goes over your nose and mouth like so then slip the band over your head to secure the mask to your face the band adjust automatically normal breathing will start the flow of oxygen and remember to always put your own mask on first before helping others life vests are located either under or next to your seat turn over the vest pull the tab or compartment handle to break the seal for

help locating them see your safety card remove the vest from the package like this put the vest over your head wrap the strap around your waist attach the buckle and pull tight once outside pull the tab to inflate your vest or blow into the red tube on the side in the water a light on your vest will illuminate and please only inflate your vest outside the airplane now your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device just remove the lower cushion and put your arms through the straps found on the opposite side the crew will now be coming around to do a final cabin check after takeoff we’ll be back with more information and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask as always we’re here to make your flight great coz



Surely the vast majority of people that you are watching this video already have once scored on plane probably in ninety
A hundred people will have flown in the normal class in the tourist class as I have good seats that have little legroom and therefore they are not uncomfortable or comfortable or uncomfortable to say they are passable.

Of course not everyone who travels does the same way there are some people who have a lot of money rich people
Billionaires who can afford not only the first class but the first class of the best flight companies that exist today and that is what I come to mention today in this video to give you an idea of ​​what it would be like to fly to another country In one of these lines that unfortunately the vast majority of people because we do not have access because they are worth
Too much money

Let’s start with the first airline the winner of all say that this airline called casa and pacific airways is as you can
See has a space for each person a private space quality services and good prices for people who have money with the seat in hong kong make this airline the best each passenger has a cabin equipped with lotions hot towels magazines television drinks and food plus the Company gives away its passenger cancellation

Noise to ensure that you have a quiet journey without doubt one of the most luxurious companies but at the same time
More economic in what is the luxury that is why perhaps occupy the number one of the list then we also have the
Qatar airways that good award has been awarded on several occasions during the last years and
Known for its five star service since 2014 qatar airways offers a personal television fully reclining seats and an interactive entertainment system on board

Last generation the truth is that this airline the fact of being able to lie in the middle of the flight is something that the truth
I do not know ‘surely you do not know’ aces’ but a trip is very comfortable in these conditions taking into account that you can take not the great majority of airlines does not do it because if they leave room for the seat can be put into bed mode
Because they lose seats with crazy that lose money so few airlines have this integrated system and qatar airways is one of the
Few you have it then we also have singapore airlines which has very spacious seats as you can see an excellent meal served in china

Fine and wine or champagne to accompany and is also one of the most expensive flights with which even if you have and money in the future I do not recommend that you waste it in being online is better than lame is another without any doubt then the airline of the emirates what
It is certainly spectacular because the seats massage while enjoying the time in a delicious meal accompanied by champagne all courtesy is of course not included in the prices without forgetting to serve them on a porcelain tableware you can also have a cocktail in a Small lounge that is on the plane in the comfort of your seat watching one of the thousand 400 channels of entertainment on the personal television

Which of course is nothing small soon we also have in fifth place turkish airlines offering a wide assortment of Turkish gastronomy and also menus of international cuisine and what makes it more special certainly is e chef boarded on their flights
Intercontinental the cook that is in this plane elche is prepare the meals on board with fresh products based on the principle of the unique production and

Adjusted to the wishes of the passengers of preferential class with which we can say that in this flight one puts the
Boots the food is of quality and is excellently good then we also have another company
Called ana with the acronym ana all nippon airways that is the greater the greater operator and launch client of the boeing 787 dreamliner and that is in the

Sixth place by the treatment and the comfort of its almost closed seats of first class and banjo can not miss of course a great private television the seventh place we have the flights of garuda indonesia in which the seats are equipped with
Flexible head restraint that can be adjusted for the convenience of the client will also provide a power outlet in case you want to pay for a laptop in each of the seats and a reading lamp then we have another airline in eighth place called asiana airlines in which therefore You can see that privacy is most important your privacy is maximized by two sliding doors one
Seat that can be reclined to become a bed in a flat bed completely and 32-inch screens personal minibar entertainment systems and even an additional seat for a companion plus clear of meals and drinks
during the
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Business Model Innovation

Have you ever wondered why super-successful companies like Nokia or Kodak suddenly lose s your advantage? Or how companies like Commodore Computers, Grundig, Nakamichi, Newsweek or Polaroid could fail? They do not have abundant R & D resources, the best employees and deep knowledge of their ?

Yes, but they had something else in common:
All of them missed the moment when they should have left their successful path to rethink your business model. They lost out on radical innovation because were too busy managing daily activity and serving their current customers – rather than  for future opportunities. In other words: Today’s success is the enemy  tomorrow’s success! The innovation cycle spins faster than ever in almost every industry.   Whether innovation increases the value to the customer of a product or service, or reduces its  costs
and thus creates a competitive advantage. Apple, for example, creates a high perception value for the customer with its new and innovative products. And Dell, reduces its costs and capital work through the processes of build on orders. But although its importance is indisputable, there are many misconceptions about innovation. Three myths are particularly pervasive: The First; Innovation comes from ideas that no one has had before. Second; Great success requires great resources. and third; Disruptive innovations are always based on fascinating technologies.  Fortunately, they are all wrong! IBM did not invent the personal computer, Apple did not invent the MP3 technology, and Amazon did not invent the online bookstore. Successful innovators learn and recombine – while the pioneers are devoured by the wolves. Cisco had practically no R & D resources, but its innovation exceeded the largest research laboratory in the world; The AT & T – Bell Labs.
Today, 14 of the 25 most innovative companies have innovated in their business model – and not just its technology! Considers companies like Google, Amazon or Ebay. Great algorithms, yes, but it’s the
business model, and not just the technology that is responsible for its success. So, what exactly is an innovation in the business model?
A business model offers answers to four questions: Who is your target customer? What does it offer to customers? How do you create the value proposition? And how do you generate income?

And a business model innovation changes at least two of these four dimensions!  In our research, we have seen the biggest innovations in business models in the last 50  years. All of them have revolutionized one or more industries. For example, Ikea has redefined the  way of buying furniture, TomTom has transformed the navigation business, or Ebay has changed the world of commerce. However, only 10% of these innovations in business models  were new and introduced new business model patterns. The other 90% just adapted,  refining or combining said patterns. For example, innovative companies often creative imitation. They wondered: How does innovation in another’s business model

Could industry revolutionize our own industry?  In total, we have identified 55 patterns of business models that are responsible for all
innovations in business models. For ​​example fixed rates, supermarket, rent instead of buying, selling experience, e-commerce or
The Rake and Blade Pattern.

Let’s take a look at this: Since 1904, Gillette has been offering traps, but instead sells the blades to  obscenely high prices. Nespresso has creatively imitated this pattern,  selling cheap coffee and expensive coffee – and revolutionized the coffee industry. And many other companies have also applied the Rake and Blade model, Do you remember Apple’s iTunes, Amazon Kindle or Hewlett Packard inkjet printers?  Now, what do YOU ​​have to do to innovate in YOUR business model?  We advise you to follow these four steps: Initiation, ideation, integration and implementation.  During the Initiation, you must analyze your current business model. Once again: Who is your target customer? What does it offer to customers?
How do you create the value proposition? And how do you generate income?

During the Idea, this business model contrasts with the 55 patterns of innovation in business models  and develops new models. How would Nespresso conduct your business?

O is there a match between your product and the sales experience pattern