The MBA structure, online resources, exams, support and more…

the MBA program is true to the core values of the school it’s our flagship program where students are normally in their mid thirties there are busy working professionals and there may be
 years on in their career and have not had an opportunity to gain formal qualification up to now or perhaps have trained as a lawyer or doctor or anengineer and they want to gain a wider
skill set in terms of business and management skills dealing with people and problems change in strategic planning in their organizations and the

MBA would give those students the core skills to do their jobs better in a wide variety of industries and economies around the world nine courses are required seven core courses and to
lactose admission is normally gained by holing at first or second class honours undergraduate degree which is recognized by huriya twat University alternatively
if you do not hold an undergraduate degree a mission can be gained by passing three courses one of which is a core course for the MBA program we award exemptions from core courses on the basis of bachelor’s level of qualifications we also award exemptions on the basis of over 30 professional  qualifications and these are all listed
on our website there are a number of ways you can study your course with
Edinburgh business school you can study by distance learning you can study at one of our three campuses in Edinburgh Dubai or Malaysia students can study over a 12 or 24 month period in
Edinburgh and Dubai or over a 24-month period in Malaysia you can also study one of our international network of learning partners across the globe there’s a wide variety ways that you can
order your courses you can order your courses online via our website at EBS global Nash by clicking on the apply page alternatively you can order your
courses via or regional offices around the world or network of distributors we offer a range of value-added services for students that feel they may benefit
from that increased assistance where in studying a course services include online revision which have students to
prepare for exams a series of structured online tuition which guides the student to a course in full and also want to one online mentoring where students can get support from their dedicated tutor but we certainly don’t believe in surprising their students so we published ten previous past examination papers and we also publish an examiner solution and a
good students answer so the examiner is solution that gives students an idea of what’s expected for the question and also the good student answer key
students an idea of what is defined as a good student answer we also offer a four-day intensive seminars and to a revision sessions held at our campuses in Edinburgh to buy in Malaysia and
these are aimed at our distance learners or four-day seminars offer practical insights into specific aspects of a course while or revision sessions focus purely on exam preparation the intensive
seminars are a great opportunity for distance learners to come to our campuses and engage with like-minded individuals and immerse themselves in group discussion around case studies we
give students a lot of support when studying our programs this includes a comprehensive text delivered in print and true an interactive
password-protected website but we also give students the ability to download or course material in PDF format and also a lot of our students are busy working
professionals and they’re on the move so you can download mobile formats for tablet devices ipads and e-readers winning the student portal you also have access to a course
forum and you can engage with members of faculty who set the contents of the course and engage with them and I have any difficulties or any conceptual
bottlenecks from your reading the course material your study the course material you can engage with the faculty ask a
question post it on there and also see what other students have asked but money were students in fact like to keep in touch with each other across the globe
and we also have the MBA Facebook students group which is a popular area or students to go on there find out more about us and ask each other
questions about their studies and about the school but not only do we provide the learning resources we also provide students with the ability to self-assess
and self-paced if equestrian studies within the student portal you can actually complete end of module self-assessment multiple choice questions and case studies as well as
essay questions but we also have what’s termed profiler software and this checks your exam readiness and builds up a picture of your strengths and weaknesses
as you progress through the course materials so that you can see the areas that you may need concentration on as
 you prepare for the examination in the manage studies section within the student portal you can carry out many of your administrative tasks you can view
your examination results you can register for your examinations and see any exemptions that you may have been awarded you can also view the
 examinations timetable within that portal area each of our courses are examined by a three-hour closed book examination which are set by the faculty
here in Edinburgh and also scripts are marked here by the Edinburgh Business
School faculty we’re on examinations four times a year in June in December
which are major exam sessions in most cities around the world and we also offer to smaller examination sessions in
March and August in select locations around the world specific subjects following feedback from our students were increasing giving students the opportunity to take their
exams by computer at local examination centres run by edinburgh visit school accreditation is a term which is used
differently in educational systems internationally it’s very important for us at the school to make sure that our students on our prospective students have confidence in the integrity of the
war they’re signing up for and for all programs this is guaranteed by virtue of her eat what university stages as a
royal charter institution we spend a lot.
of time at the school ensuring that the various ministries of Education worldwide recognize our degrees and the degree outcomes are valued and this is
something we take very seriously flexibility of delivery is one of the core underpinning values of Edinburgh business school the courses are also
very practical the equip students to do their jobs better equip them with those core skills really to make their organizations more successful and be more successful in their careers
 everything we teach is practical and applied everything students learn at the progressed through their studies they
 can apply to their day job you can study what you want how you want or wherever you want but wherever you are in the world will always ensure that we assess
you to rigorous standards and this is to ensure that or degrees maintain their desirability and credibility and this is
what makes Edinburgh Business School a great choice for students

MBA Careers in Financial Services

I think financial services careers are appealing to MBAs    because they want to be part of the challenges of today’s world. INSEAD offers MBA students a whole career development journey.
They have access to dedicated career advisors to build their plan, understand where their strengths are. They have access to a team of sector specialists who work closely with the firms in the financial services in every hub of the globe.
What the CDC offers is hardly any business school can offer— it’s access to this enormous network of alumni around those jobs to help find access and work out a way of entering that industry.
The INSEAD programme is extremely reputable. We see students who have a really good basis of corporate finance, which is very, very useful for our summer internship.
We hire a number of candidates from INSEAD. We continue to hopefully work in the future to do that. At Morgan Stanley, in terms of MBA recruitment,
we actually do quite a lot. We see a huge amount of value in the INSEAD people, and we have consistently hired probably more people from INSEAD than
most other business schools in Europe. The pace of the programme, the fact that all students work with diverse groups of students, definitely shape them into more effective professionals.
And I do hear that feedback from recruiters as well who say that students coming into, for instance, roles in investment banking, where you are expected to pick up the pace really quickly,
are able to jump right in and to perform right away.I think if you enjoy working on very, very high-speed, very high-profile transactions; if you enjoy interacting with clients; if you enjoy working under pressure, I think that they are really the key things about investment banking which I would tell MBA students about.
 And I think INSEAD provides a great platform, and if you really want to do something,
there’s nothing stopping you doing that.

executive mba online

Good afternoon to all and welcome to this executive session of mba information
This afternoon a brief introduction word my name is brett hunter and
The MBA Admissions Manager at the Business School in London today I hope to take you to a bit of information about the school itself about the mba executive and some of the people who participate in the program and also a little about The admissions.

So terms of the best ways to maximize your chances of getting into the program will leave a few minutes of the end of the presentation too if you have any questions you would like them to be and so feel free to write those questions in either Presentation or at the end and I will in favor of working to answer them before the end of the session at two in the afternoon in the UK
So before moving on to The Executive MBA just a little information on the rank of
Programs we have at school now obviously London Business School is a offers a fairly comprehensive curriculum for our programs and they really arrange all the way from the recent graduates as you can see at the top of the screen there with that of the teacher in the Global management of management and mass in finance analysis to the end of the city managers with the Executive MBA

Portfolio and the Sloan MSC Why I talked about the slide because even if you take an Executive MBA program you a

re not simply studying with other mba executive students when it comes to the elective phase you work in mixed classes with people throughout the whole Programs but also even on the campus itself there is an opportunity to meet the network with people at all stages its your careers is a great opportunity to work.

Ideas to balance each other in synergize so just to run briefly through the range of programs that I have mentioned the huge global management min and the MFA these programs for recent graduates are looking up to get a leg in the

In the corporate world and getting into management positions maybe a bit bit faster than they might have if they went through the traditional way to go through the corporate world the full time mba is our flight program is a time program Complete that could be
Taken in 15 18 or 21 month version as for people who are usually running between two and ten years of experience with the average around about six the mass in finance is one
Specialist program that can be taken either full time or part time and is for those individuals who were working in the financial services sector and who want to stay in
Services I will speak in detail about our Executive MBA for a little bit, but in general terms it is for people who are mid-career for a 2 cd manager the average of our usually runs around 11 or 12 years of experience and People come in the range of six years of experience to the end

25 or 30 years of experience then the Sloan MSC which is an MBA does not program to Marston Science focused on Leadership Strategy as well globalization to 12 months full time for CD managers so typically people have about 17 years of experience In which the Sloan MSC people come on. Our programs for a variety of felt that within the Executive MBA usually people looking to change their careers in a different direction to accelerate their careers or perhaps to become an entrepreneur those who They were the ones who changed
You may be looking to move away from a particular industry to instance an IT service or financial services and move to the other word typically. These are a small absentia people in the mba business class usually when people come to a certain number of years.

Experience of about 12 years of experience on average in an executive mba class is a little difficult to start again in a new industry said some people looking to change their careers as a result of making the mba executive and we try to give the tools to People working to do this in terms of career accelerators this is really the
Class bulk around fifty to sixty percent of an Executive MBA class is made up of individuals who are working in an industry and
They want to stay in that industry so for them the Executive MB